Why should I buy an iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 was launched on September 21st and it sold 5 million phones in the first three days of its launch! Well that’s not something that we get to see daily. Yes, people had anticipation and anxiety and expectation building up before the release of the phone and now the phone has pretty much lived up to the expectations. The engineers at iPhone say that they have invented technology, changed conventional methods and components and have come out with the fastest and the lightest iPhone ever. Let’s check out a few features that would convince you to go for the iPhone 5.

iphone 5 choice

Design: Yes the design! The iPhone 5 measures just 7.6 millimeters think. As mentioned above, the manufacturers redesigned several components like nano sim, a smaller A6 processor, smaller camera but more features, LTE voice and data chips are merged into one. It has so much more than the previous iPhone but it’s still 20 % smaller size. The body is made from anodized aluminum with inlays along the top are of ceramic glass. A crystalline diamond is used to cut the edge of the iPhone for a finish that no one can ever match. The phone is of appropriate size which is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Display: We all know about the Retina display that comes with the iPhone, don’t we? It is one of the best kinds of display in the whole world. In Retina display the individual pixels cannot be identified by the eye at any level. So it can be said that it provides the crispest and sharpest image. It has 326 pixels per inch and 1136×640 resolutions. The 4 inch screen is not too large or too small. It’s perfect for one hand usability and typing and for full screen movies on the go.

Specifications: Now that the iPhone comes with the A6 chip built into it, everything that you do is going to be faster. The A6 also offers graphics performance that shoots up the games and application experience. The chip is fast and is also a lot more battery efficient than the previous versions of the phone.

It comes with the iSight camera which is 8 Megapixels and is accompanied with an LED flash. Full 1080P HD video recording can be done with the iSight camera. The front camera also supports 720P HD recording. The still images are also very crisp and they have settings for low light photography as well.

Apart from these the iPhone 5 comes with a lightning dock connector and 4G LTE capabilities.

A premium user experience: The iPhone comes with its own glamour and status statement. But apart from this, the new design and the software also make it a delight to use. The smooth and clean interface of the OS is one of its kind. It also comes with sophisticated and classy applications available in its apps store.

Well it’s always a matter of personal choice when it comes to mobile phones. And we agree that the Smartphone market is swarming with top of the tech Smartphones. But in this post here, we have given more than enough reasons and presented before you the unmatched and unique features that should make you go for the iPhone 5.

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