Nikon Coolpix A Point-and-Shoot Camera With APS-C Sensor Announced

Nikon has announced its first point-and-shoot camera with large DX Sensor; the 16 Megapixel camera has been named as ‘Nikon Coolpix A’. According to some sources the camera will hit the US stores later this month carrying a premium price tag of about $1100 (Rs.60000/- approx). As you know, bigger image sensors help you to capture clear and less-grainy photos and videos even if they are taken in low light without a flash, whereas videos or images taken from cameras with comparatively smaller sensors usually turn out to be grainier.

Nikon Coolpix A

In most cases, we’ve seen such large sensors in SLR cameras. However, since the recent smartphones come equipped with premium cameras, the impact of entry-level point-and-shoot cameras has been drastically reduced. That might be the reason, why manufactures are providing their camera with larger sensors. Nikon is evidently new in this; however, it’s been quite a while since other manufactures such as Canon, Fujifilm and Sony doing this. The ‘S’ and ‘G1X’ point-and-shoot cameras from Canon boast such larger sensors. The X10, X100, X100Sof Fujifilm and RX1 and RX100 of Sony are some examples of such point-and-shoot cameras with larger sensors.

However, in addition to 16.1 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, the all new Coolpix A has a fixed-focal length non-zoom lens of 18.5 mm with an f/2.8 max aperture value. The aperture will help you take good pictures at low light surroundings. It has the ability to capture 12 bit/ 14 bit RAW pictures with varying sensitivities from ISO 100 to 25600. Sporting a 3 inch LCD display (920k dot), the camera can shoot 4 frames per second in burst mode. The camera also includes the PASM modes. You can even configure settings and focus manually, just like the other advanced point-and-shoot cameras. The camera has also the ability to record HD movies of 1080p at 24/25/30 fps.

In addition to Coolpix A, Nikon has another lineup called ‘Nikon 1’ that comprises small & mirror-less cameras having larger sensors and also interchangeable lenses. However, Nikon 1 series cameras have comparatively smaller CX-sensors than the Coolpix A. One thing that might be bothering you is its fixed lens, which is a bit unusual with point-and-shoot camera since we’ve seen they come with optical zoom. As we’ve already informed this non-zoom point-and-shoot camera will be available later this month at a price tag $1100. The exact availability date hasn’t yet been confirmed by the manufacturer, but we do know it will hit the store sometime this month.


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